Travel Agency

Travel Agency

travel agency

We bring you suitable travel packages including the most popular destinations among holiday goers such as Australia, Maldives, New Zealand and Europe under Jetabout Holidays brand
Over a wide range of packages and holiday package deals to destinations around the world are available

Headquartered in Singapore, Jetabout Holidays is known as a top agent around the world since our establishment since 1972, We’ve been servicing with over 30 years of experience in the travel & tourism industry

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Travel Management

Travel Management

travel management

As a travel management company, Holiday Tours & Travel provide business travel solutions for corporate clients

As businesses become globalize and regionalize, corporate travelling is a necessity. Travel related expenses can form a big part of the overall expenditure, and in some cases it would be the third highest spending expenditure exceeded by salary and office rental cost.

Thus having Corporate travel management or business travel management is important to ensure ROI (Return On Investment) on resources. As a key driver for getting things done, business travel can be very complex and dynamic which can include services from car rental, hotel arrangements, visa application and more – depending on travel requirements. Unforeseen circumstances such as change in the traveling dates, changes in accommodation type leads to change in routes or destinations with very little advance notice, adjustment in length of stay etc, in some case the traveler has no control over.

We’re committed to help any company’s strategic approach to travel with high standards. We work closely with you to ensure all these needs are taken care off before you leave home, allowing you to focus on doing the business well.

Airfare Comparison

Accessing the vast choices of airfares available can be difficult and time consuming.
We offer fare comparison to allow maximum savings and easy comparison – before you decide which airline gives you the best option.

Network Partners

Having large network of partners in hotel, car rental, and business travel insurance.
Whether you need advance or urgent last moment booking, we constantly work with them to ensure you get the best rates from such services.

Destination Rerouting

Going to multiple destinations on a single trip is common in corporate travel.
Leave this to our specialists – we help reroute your travel plan or modify your destination arrival schedule with shortest travelling time. Therefore, reducing stop over and the best possible air fare.

After-hours Ticketing

Need to fly at the minute’s call?
Our team is reachable after our standard office hours and will assist you to arrange and confirm all your flight arrangements.

Special Offers

Being a top travel management company or (TMC), we are the first to be updated with the latest promotion briefs from the airlines, and we pass such savings to you.

Refund of Fares

If there are unused fare on your business travel we will take care of the refund on your behalf, simply call us.

Travel Insurance

For a minimal cost, you can be insured for your business travel.

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General Sales Agent

General Sales Agent

general sales agent

Holiday Tours & Travel (Group Company) is a General Sales Agent of choice providing full representative services for business partners in travel & tourism industry.
We represent you as General Sales Agent (GSA) acting on behalf of both airlines and tour operators. What we do best is we work in harmonious co-operation with airline carriers and have established partnerships through travel agents, tour operators and corporate accounts and across respective markets.

Led by senior managers with deep knowledge in travel industry, our partners benefit from a complete range of solutions catering to all business requirements. HTT Group is committed to providing its partners with a product and service that is consistently excellent, professional, innovative and customer-driven to ensure their successful entry and continued growth in global markets

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general sales agent